Omegabuild Aluminium Roof Lantern Case Study

Case Study - Norfolk

This Norfolk coastal property is a great example of a conservatory transformed by  the  3 way Stratus fully thermally broken lantern roof system.

The original conservatory did not regulate temperature very well, being too hot to sit in during the summer and too cold in the winter, and it made the kitchen look small and dark.These issues were overcome by knocking through the conservatory to create one large space extending from the kitchen.

Instead of replacing his conservatory with another traditional glazed extension, homeowner Keith has incorporated two large, three-way Stratus lantern roofs into a modern “box” extension at the rear of the property, along with two WarmCore aluminium folding sliding doors. This has created a spacious living area which is flooded by natural light throughout.

Stratus offers up to 65% more thermal efficiency due to the innovative fully thermally broken system when compared to alternative alumi…

Omegabuild Guide to building a timber frame Carport or Canopy

Omegabuild Guide to building a timber frame Carport or Canopy

A BASIC CARPORT WILL NEED: 1.   Polycarbonate sheet, trimmed and taped. 2.   Glazing bars to join the sheets. 3.   F Section to finish and secure the edges. 4.   Fixing buttons to secure larger sheets between the bars. 5.   Sheet closure for the bottom edge. 6.   Butyl Foilband flashing (polycarbonate compatible) to seal the top against a wall. 7.   Guttering.


Polycarbonate Sheets for Roofing

POLYCARBONATE  SHEETS are a glass-like, virtually unbreakable plastic that makes it perfect for the high stress environment required by today’s jet fighter canopies. These properties also make polycarbonate the perfect material for canopies and carports since it allows the light transmission benefits of glass, but with added safety of being virtually unbreakable. They are very flexible and come in a range of sizes and shapes and styles such as corrugated roofing sheets.

Did you know? Although polycarbonate is virtually an unbreakable polymer, the quality and process of polycarbonate during manufacturing is critical to the final result and to overall performance.
Polycarbonate panels have UV protection that protects them from harmful UV rays and harsh weather, allowing quality and durability for years of use. Looking at the polycarbonate with the naked eye, it's impossible to determine if the panel has UV protection or not, this can be only determined by testing in a laboratory. A new…

How to reduce traffic noise

I live on a busy road. How do I reduce traffic noise?
Omega supplies a wide range of secondary glazing solutions which if correctly fitted can significantly reduce traffic noise. üFit secondary glazing ideally 150-200mm away from your existing glass üUse a different thickness of secondary glazing to your primary window. Most primary glazing is 4mm so 6mm secondary glazing is usually a good option üSpecialist acoustic laminate glass  is very effective üEnsure when fitted it is well sealed There are a number of other things that can help too. §Ensure your existing windows are well fitted and sealed. If possible good quality double or triple glazing will help. §If you are in a listed property there are firms that will refurbish sash windows §Fit internal shutters, well sealed along the edges and frame (price £700-2000 a pair) §Endure your cavity walls and roof are well insulated. §Fitted carpets and soft furnishings can help muffle sound
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Lift Out Panel Installation

This is a  video showing how to fit a Omega Traditional lift out secondary glazing unit. It is supplied preglazed with toughened or laminated glass and is a great way of providing sound and heat insulation on your windows. For further info go to

Smartslider sound insulation


Façades Confidential: Acoustic properties of glass: not so simple